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Star Wars Blu-Ray? More Like Star Wars No-Way, Amiright?


So for those of you like me, who remain Star Wars curmudgeons (i.e. no Special Editions and no prequels) and refuse to buy the recently released blu-rays due to George Lucas’ continued inane tinkering, some YouTube videos that may remind you what made the originals so great and the prequels so bad.

First, Jambe Davdar’s trilogy of documentaries about the making of the three films, which should be a model for DVD special features and commentaries.

Secondly, Red Letter Media’s reviews of the prequel trilogy, in case you’ve been hiding under a rock the past three years.

I think I’ve watched these as many times as I have the actual prequels.


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I am PhD student in American Studies at Michigan State University, writing a dissertation on the social and cultural effects of home video. Like all film geeks, I decided I needed to add to the overwhelming volume of film discussion on the internet.

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